7163 GROUP

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The 7163 group was founded during March of 2010. Originally a small group of us would meet on 7.133 khz around 6AM in the morning to ragchew and work DX. We had a keen interest in working VK/ZL's and South Pacific Stations. The first stations to appear on frequency were WB2REM-Jim, W4PGM-Paul, K2XD-Skip, K8XS-Tim, W1RQ-Brad, N7BD-Don, W4SLD-Jody, K5SOK-Robert, N4WPG-Lloyd and N6AQ-Frank. About a year into our daily operations, N6AQ-Frank suggested that we move to 7.163khz in order to separate ourselves from the 7.130, VK7ROY DX net. This was a good suggestion and we have been on 7.163khz ever since. Over the last five plus years we have attracted many rare DX stations to the frequency including Trevor, VK0TH Macquarie Island, Guam, Thailand, Greenland, Hawaii, many VK/ZL's including regulars VK6AKT-KEN and VK6KJ-Bob and many other countries. We take pride in being an inclusive frequency and when rare DX arrives on frequency we encourage others to participate. This has attracted many stations to the frequency who both listen on a regular basis as well as participate when DX appears.

Feel free to join in with us anytime in either one of our ragchew conversations which at times can get lively and humorous as well as chasing DX.